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CHESHIRE CLUBS` CRICKET COMMITTEE Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting held on 13th May 2019 At Oulton Park Cricket Club Present : D.Humpage (in the Chair), J.L.Petch (Acting Secretary / Ches. County C. C. Rep.), S.Anderson (Treasurer), P.Davies (Cheshire Youth Cricket), Jim Rafferty (West Region Rep.), R.Cragg ( C.A.G.), G.Moorhouse ( C.C.B.Clubs & Participation Manager), Julie Rafferty (Cheshire C.B.County Welfare Officer), B.Boys (Vivio Cheshire County Cricket League), D.Barnett (Cheshire Association of Cricket Officials), S.Stephenson & P.Betteridge ( Ukfast Cheshire Cricket League ) and P. Hayes (Competitions Secretary) : Total : 13 Apologies : B.Birtles ( Hon. Secretary), B.Bishop (Website Co-ordinator), M.Hasprey ( East Region Rep.), J.Lewis ( Female & Disability Development Office), D.Totty & S.McCann ( Cheshire Women`s Cricket League / C.W.County Club) Total : 6

 1. CHAIRMAN`S WELCOME The Chairman thanked Su Ramsbottom and the Oulton Park Cricket Club for use of their facilities and welcomed Paul Betteridge, the newly appointed Secretary of the Ukfast Cheshire Cricket League. He also welcomed back John Petch who had agreed to act as Minute Secretary in place of Brian Birtles who was absence because of work commitments. 

2. MINUTES The Minutes of the Executive Meeting held on 25th February were signed as a correct record. There were no matters arising. 

3. CORRESPONDENCE There was no correspondence. 

4. CHILD PROTECTION ISSUES JR reported on Delivery of Safe Hands Workshops, assisting clubs with DBS and verifier issues, Open Age cricket issues, attending League meetings, ECB update and GPDR update. Full details are contained in the attached Safeguarding Information Report compiled by JR. 

5. HON. TREASURER`S INTERIM REPORT • Current Bank Balances : £13662.51 • No receipts in the financial year to date • Payments :- Ground inspections and reports £2157.75 Cheshire A.C.O. grant £1500.00 Payments from Cheshire Disabled CC grant £ 784.99 Correspondence re this year`s affiliation fees will be sent out soon now that the Treasurer has copies of both Leagues`Handbooks. 

6. DEVELOPMENT PLAN and ACTION LIST 2018 JLP & GM had met on 3rd December to review the Development Plan & Action List for 2018 and the Development Plan had been re-drafted and forwarded to all representatives. 

7. DEMOCRACY WITHIN CCB CONSTITUENT BODIES This issue was raised by PD at the C.C.B Meeting on 14th September as it is a concern that AGM`s where held are very poorly attended by the “constituents” for that representative body. In relation to the Clubs` Committee, the Constitution had not been amended, altered or reviewed since it was first drafted in Feb 1998. It had been agreed that it was necessary and appropriate to review and a sub committee of PD, BB & DH would be set up. PD would contact BB to set up a meeting. 

8. FACILITIES PRIORITISATION REPORT Please refer to attached Report dated 13th May on Cricket World Cup 2019 Fund, Small Grants Scheme and EGAP compiled by GM. 

9. CLUB DEVELOPMENT MANAGER`S REPORT Please refer to attached Report dated 13th May on All Stars Cricket, Under 19 T20, Trends in Participation compiled by GM. 

10. LEAGUES, SUNDAY 3rd & FRIENDLY FIXTURES & PLAYER PARTICIPATION. • The provisions for applications from affiliated Cheshire Clubs outside the Cheshire Integrated League System “The Pyramid” dated back to 2007 and the requirement to formalise them was evidenced by the application in 2018 by Hawk Green CC then of the D & C.C.L to join the Cheshire Pyramid. The Chairman proposed that any club making an application to join should apply in writing to the Secretary of the Cheshire Clubs` C.C. “ The 4C`s” and that their application would be considered by a C.I.L.S Sub committee consisting of the 4 C`s Chairman, the 4 C`s Secretary and a senior representative from the two Cheshire Leagues e.g Chair or Vice Chair who would consider the application on its merits and determine which League and in which division that applicant club would be placed for the season of joining the C.I.L.S. This proposal was unanimously agreed. It was expected that both Leagues` would agree to accept any suggestions made by the 4 C`s. • A change had been initiated at the AGM by CCCL clubs that 3rdXI East cricket would play “win/lose” cricket based on 40 overs each innings max. • The ECB has decided that in 2020 Leagues would be asked to nominate clubs for entry into the National Club Knockout. The current proposal is that the County League would be allocated 4 places. It had been agreed that the top 4 teams in the Premier League who wanted to enter would be nominated. 

11. WOMEN`S CRICKET In the absence of D.Totty and S.McCann, there were no reports however Martin Saxon was again producing the excellent fortnightly newsletter “Dazzler” containing results and information on all aspects of Women`s cricket .Anyone wishing to receive the Dazzler via e mail should contact : 

12. WOMEN`S and GIRLS CRICKET In the absence of Jess Lewis, there was no report : 

13. CHESHIRE ASSOCIATION of CRICKET OFFICIALS ( C.A.C.O ) The UKfast C.C.L Umpires Association are in talks with their counterparts in the Vivio C.C.C.L. and the Cheshire ACO to examine the potential for creating a single representive association for umpires and scorers in Cheshire. Ian Greensmith remains Chair of the Cheshire Cricket Discipline Committee. (This committee formed under the auspices of the Cheshire Clubs` Cricket Committee deals with all Level 3 and 4 Discipline cases across both the two leagues ). There have been no cases this season. The Ukfast CCL have received nitification of a single Level 1 case this season suggesting that overall Cheshire is not experiencing a significant discipline situation. The Vivio C C.C.L now have a protocol for considering suspect bowling actions. Umpires with concerns should contact Ian Greensmith who will activate the protocol which confirms timescales, costs etc involved in assessing the player`s action. 

14. CRICKET FOR THE DISABLED In the absence of Jess Lewis, there was no report. 

15. CHESHIRE CUP / SHIELD COMPETITIONS 2019 Cheshire Cup : In the preliminary round, Alvanley and Upton had conceded. The 1st Round would be held on Sunday 19th May. All clubs who had entered the National K.O.Cup had been given byes. Cheshire Shield : In the 1st Round, Stockport Trinity and Winsford had conceded. The 2nd Round would be held on Sunday 2nd June. 

16. SMALL GRANTS SUB- COMMITTEE There had been no applications 

17. CHESHIRE ASSOCIATION of GROUNDSMEN The CAG had had an influx of energy and youth with Ian Schora of Hale Barns CC and Andy Horsfield of Timperley joining the Committee. The CAG wished to strengthen its links with both Leagues and had met John Bygate, Grounds Chair of the County League and Patrick Hutchinson, Chairman of the Grounds Inspection Committee of the Ukfast C.C. League There will be a vacancy for an ECB pitch Inspector as Nick James is moving to Yorkshire and details of how to apply are contained in the May Newsletter of the CAG or by contacting Ian Mather-Brewster : The CAG with assistance from the CCB are to create a database of all groundsmen associated with Cheshire Clubs. CAG will also be offering pitch and outfield advice without charge to all clubs Finally a Groundsmen Open Day was held at Hale Barns CC on 30th March organised by Ian Schora with equipment demonstrations and talks by experts which attracted 25 Cheshire Groundsmen to attend. It was an outstanding success and Ian had been thanked for all his efforts. 

18. CHESHIRE CRICKET BOARD LIMTED The C.C.B meeting had been held on Friday 10th May 2019 and the minutes would be circulated shortly. Next meetings on Fridays 13th September & 6th December 2019 

19. CHESHIRE COUNTY CRICKET CLUB The County had lost both opening T20 matches to Cumberland but beat Northumberland in the 1st Round of the K.O Trophy. They play the next Round away v Lincolnshire on 2nd June. The T20 group matches resume against Staffordshire at Nantwich on 19th May. 

20. CHESHIRE YOUTH CRICKET Nothing to report 

21. CCCC WEBSITE No report 

22. ANY OTHER BUSINESS None save that Jim Raffery offered his apologies for absence from the July meeting. 

23. NEXT MEETINGS : Executive : Monday 22nd July at 8.00 p.m at Oulton Park C.C . Executive : Monday 14th October at 8.00 p.m. at Hale Barns C.C The Chairman thanked those in attendance and closed the meeting at 9.35 p.m.