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Round 1 12th May 2019

Northwich vs Kingsley

Haslington vs Stockport Trinity

Bye vs Westminster Park

Winsford vs Cheadle Hulme

Hale Barns vs Bye

Glazebury vs Parkfield Liscard

Barrow vs Warrington

Ashton-on-Mersey vs Malpas

Round 2 2nd June

Kingsley vs Haslington

Westminster Park vs Cheadle Hulme

Hale Barns vs Parkfield Liscard

Barrow vs Ashton-on-Mersey

Semi-Final 7th July 2019

Haslington v Cheadle Hulme

Hale Barns vs Barrow

Final 4th August 2019

Cheadle Hulme vs Hale Barns

Congratulations to Cheadle Hulme on becoming 2019 Season Cheshire Shield Winners


Northwich 84 All Out vs Kingsley 87 for 2

Stockport Trinity Conceded

Winsford Conceded

Glazebury 84 All Out vs Parkfield Liscard 86 for 2

Barrow 209 for 9 vs Warrington 157 for 9

Malpas Conceded

Kingsley 175 All Out vs Haslington 258 for 7

Westminster Park Conceded

Hale Barns 133 for 1 vs Parkfield Liscard 132 All Out

Ashton-on-Mersey Conceded

Haslington 70 All Out vs Cheadle Hulme 74 for 4

Hale Barns 193 for 8 vs Barrow 192 for 8

Cheadle Hulme 196 for 9 Dec vs Hale Barns 151 All Out