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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Monday 25th February 2019

at Hale Barns Cricket Club


Present :

D.Humpage (Chairman), J.L.Petch (Secretary), B.Birtles (Secretary–elect), S.Anderson (Treasurer), P.Hayes ( Competitions Secretary), Julie Rafferty ( Ches. C.B. County Welfare Officer), Jim Rafferty ( West Region Rep.)

B.Boys (Vivio Cheshire County Cricket League), P.Smith (Ukfast Chershire Cricket   League), D.Barnett ( Cheshire Association of Cricket Officials),

G.Moorhouse ( C.C.B.Clubs & Participation Manager), D.Totty ( Cheshire Women`s Cricket League), J.Lewis ( Female & Disability Development Officer),

S.McCann ( Cheshire Women`s County C.C.), P.Davies ( Cheshire Youth Cricket)

  together with two representatives from Lindow   C.C.

Apologies for absence :

M.Hasprey ( East Region Rep.), R.Cragg ( Cheshire Association of Groundsmen)),

S.Stephenson (Ukfast Cheshire C.L.) and B. Bishop (Website)

and representatives from Elworth & Wilmslow C.C`s.


1.         The Minutes of the AGM held on 26th February 2018 , having been circulated to all member clubs and representatives, were taken as read and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.


2. & 3.. Hon. Treasurer`s Report and Adoption of 2017 - 2018 Annual Accounts

The Treasurer presented the audited Income & Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet for the financial year ended 30th November 2018.

Income : £7285.00 from Affiliation fees ( £25.00 per team per club ) & £300.00 from Cheshire Cup & Shield concessions & £3.00 Bank interest

Total    :                £7588.00


Expenditure :    £1020.00                   Cheshire Cup/Shield

                           £   800.00                   Cricket for the Disabled

                              £    nil                         Grant for C.A.Groundsmen of £2000.00                                                                    returned by CAG

                             £ 462.00                  Equipment

                             £1500.00                  Umpires & Scorers Association

                             £   943.00                  Grant Aid Booklet

                            £   120.00                  Cheshire Ladies T20 Finals umpires costs                     

Total                       £.4845.00

The Excess of Income over Expenditure produced a surplus of £2743.00


Balance Sheet : £16481.00                 General Fund






The Treasurer advised that :-

·          The audited accounts showed that we made a surplus of £2743.00 in the year to 30th November 2018

·          The main reason for that size of the surplus was the unusual situation where our grant (of £2000.00) to the C.A.G was repaid to us, not required

·          Our affiliation fee income was very similar to last year, although the level of Cheshire Cup & Shield concessions fell from 2017

·          Our costs, excluding the impact of the CAG grant already referred to, were similar to last year. We did fund an update of the Grant Aid Booklet, something we have historically done every few years

·          Our reserves are now over £16000.00, a very healthy situation

·          The Hon. Treasurer thanked his fellow officers, particularly our outgoing Secretary John Petch, for their help over recent years, Peter Hayes for liaising so well on all matters Cheshire Cup & Shield and Jim Rafferty, once again for his efficient auditing of the accounts


It was proposed by P.Davies of C.Y.C. and seconded by Peter Hayes, Comp. Secretary, that the 2017-2018 Annual Accounts and Auditors Report be adopted and this was carried unanimously.


4.          Election of Officers

The Chairman wished it to be recorded that sincere thanks were due to John Petch who was stepping down as Honorary Secretary after 10 years of excellent service. He wished John well in his new position as Hon. Secretary of the Cheshire County Cricket Club.

The Committee were fortunate to have someone of the calibre of Brian Birtles to succeed John.

The following Officers, having been proposed by P.Davies of C.Y.C .and seconded by   P.Smith of Ukfast C.C.L were elected unanimously for 2019 -20.

Chairman                                David Humpage

Hon. Secretary                                     Brian Birtles

Hon. Treasurer                         Stuart Anderson

Competitions Secretary            Peter Hayes


5.         Election of East and West Representatives

Mike Hasprey and Jim Rafferty were proposed by P.Davies   of C.Y.C and P.Smith of Ukfast C.C.L. as East and West Region Representatives respectively and were elected unanimously for 2019-20. They represent the interests of all member clubs who play in a league that does not qualify to appoint a representative.


6           Any Other Relevant Business

There being no other relevant business the meeting closed at 8.05 p.m with thanks to Hale Barns Cricket Club for the use of their facilities.



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