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Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting held on the 14th May 2018 at Oulton Park C.C.

Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting Held on the 26th February 2018 at Hale Barns C.C.

Cheshire Clubs Cricket Committee – Minutes of Executive   Meeting held at Oulton Park CC on 14th May 2018

Present – D.Humpage (Chair), S.Anderson (Treasurer), P.Davies (CYC), B.Boys (CCCL), Julie Rafferty (CCB Welfare Officer), P.Hayes (Comp Sec), G. Moorhouse (CCB Participation Mgr), S.Stephenson (UK Fast CCL),   B.Huxley (CAG), I.Greensmith (ACO), Jim Rafferty (West Rep), Di Totty (CWCL), Ray Hunt (CCCL),

Apologies – John Petch, Phil Smith, Jess Lewis, Mike Hasprey

1.     Chairman’s Welcome – DH thanked Oulton Park for the use of their facilities and welcomed S.Stephenson to the post and the meeting.

2.     Minutes – Minutes of the Exec Meeting held on 26th Feb were signed as a correct record. There were no matters arising

3.     Correspondence – Hawk Green update via SS, 40’s update via website

4.     Child Protection Issues – JR updated information on recent safe hands courses (x 4), safeguarding and DBS certification – there has been an increase in verifiers from 97 – 118. JR outlined the latest on 3 cases actioned in Cheshire clubs and discussion was held on issues around potential club photo ID checks for new players in order to avoid fraudulent applications . Case review held with CBH for learning points, junior voice and CWO visibility. GDPR – justification of player data held in line with new law.

5.     Treasurer – SA reported a balance of £10,046 – affiliation fees, Cheshire Cup cancellation fees banked, no questions to treasurer

6.     Development Plan – Gareth Moorhouse said there would be an update published before the July mtg. Latest on CCB progress re Get the Game On, All Stars (66 – 70 clubs) and Girls Softball Festivals given. Large increase in U19 competition participation welcomed as 33 clubs in up from 12 in 2017. Coaching Workshops held for Clubmark accreditation. There are 7 softball festivals scheduled for June and July around the County

7.     Funding Applications – GM 48 apps totalling £185k, Board allocated £80k via ECB. Only £320k available for all Clubs in North region.

8.     CCB Comms – Initiative with pitch and numbers reduction for younger juniors games to be trialled. Crash & Bash U15 game to be tried. CCB pathway selections informed and new twitter page set up to advise latest on representative matches throughout   2018 season and not get tied up with other CCB communication via this medium.

9.     League Issues – 34 out of 36 games played despite pessimism for prospects in lead up. Great work on grounds and thanks to all concerned.

10.   CWCL - DT- good start to season, only one match cancelled due to weather. Top 4 Div 1 sides all lost one game so could have interesting run up to title. Stockport Georgians good start in Div 2, new teams Upton and Nantwich doing well.  Key dates 19 Aug Finals Day at Ashley CC, 30 Aug MCC game at Ashton on Mersey and 29 Sept League Dinner. 

11.   CWCC - not had winter nets as past attendance poor. Having a selection day called 'Big Clash' on 28 May at Oakmere, two T20 matches East v West. Vitality T20 dates - 10 June v Durham & Wales at Ashton on Mersey, 17 June Somerset & Hants at Taunton, 24 June Northants & Glos at Finedon and 1 July v Scotland & Berks at CBH.   ECB will provide funding for away games, not sure if there will be a shortfall. Black sight screen covers- had some issues, still awaited from Stuart Canvas

12.   CACO Umpires & Scorers – IG gave update on courses held and online

13. Grounds – BH (CAG) reported that £2k had been returned to Treasurer as a result of training not required. Update re game cancellation at Alderley Edge

14. Disability Cricket – Chris Edwards (England LD Captain) has been going into Trafford and Northwich to help improve the coverage in those areas. Cheshire Cobras and VI cricket updates, Bowdon Vale looking to start a team

15. Cheshire Cup – delay of first round and measures to improve response to get games on time and competition moving

16. CYC – PD – Child protection update

17. AoB


Meeting Closed at 9.30pm


Present : D.Humpage (in the Chair), J.L.Petch (Secretary / Cheshire County Cricket Club Rep.), S.Anderson (Treasurer), P.Davies (Cheshire Youth Cricket),

Julie Rafferty (Cheshire C.B.County Welfare Officer), B.Birtles (Ukfast Cheshire Cricket League), B.Boys (Vivio Cheshire County Cricket League),

M.Cooper (Derbyshire & Cheshire Cricket League), G.Moorhouse (C.C.B.Clubs & Participation Manager),   D.Twiney ( Cheshire Association of Groundsmen),

I. Greensmith (Cheshire Assocation of Cricket Officials), D.Totty ( Cheshire Women`s Cricket League) S.McCann ( Cheshire Women`s County Cricket Club & C.W.C.L.) and P. Hayes (Competitions Secretary) :   Total :14


Apologies : B.Bishop (Website Co-ordinator), A.Axon (Chester & District Midweek Cricket League), Jim Rafferty ( West Region Representative), M.Hasprey ( East Region Representative), J.Lewis ( Female & Disability Development Offfice)

and B.Huxley (C.A.G.) : Total : 6



The Chairman thanked Hale Barns for use of their facilities and welcomed Martin Cooper from Chapel–en-le–Frith C.C. representing the D & C.C. League and Gareth Moorhouse to their inaugural Clubs` Committee Meeting.



The Minutes of the Executive Meeting held on 30th October 2017 were signed as a correct record. There were no matters arising.



·          GM & JLP had agreed with Steve Wright that he would produce an updated on- line version of the Grant Aid Booklet (10th Edition) together with three Funding Workshops to be held at Neston, Heaton Mersey and Sandbach. The costs of production and the Workshops would be funded by this Committee.

·          Hawk Green C.C of the D.& C.C.L had applied to join the Cheshire Integrated League System. ( C.I.L.S.). Their application had been accepted and discussions were ongoing as to the appropriate   League / Division in which their 1st & 2nd XI`s   would be placed.



Since taking over from AM, JR had found it a challenging period. The County had 120 C.W.O`s acting in 90 Clubs who had been trained or required training. Safe Hands Courses had been held in Nantwich with another on

28th March at Mobberley and an extra course to be held in the Chester area.

D.B.S affects roles within Clubs for C.W.O`s, volunteers, coaches, umpires & scorers,   first aiders and junior managers.

Clubs need a “Verifier” within their Club typically being a C.W.O. Currently there are 100 approved on line verifiers.

Volunteers organising and attending Festivals e.g Malvern need a DBS.

The County has had two significant Crown Court hearings involving club cricketers. The respective clubs have been co-operative in the investigation process but once the individual player/member has been identified, the club has a responsibility to share this information with the Club and County Welfare Officer.



·          £110.00 received from Maritime C.C. via Ukfast C.C.L. for outstanding umpires/ teas expenses

·          C.A.G. Grant and part of the Cheshire Disabled C.C Grant paid.

·            ( For clarification ) The Hon Treasurer`s not so new e mail address is   :



JLP & GM had not been able to meet as planned however they would be meeting before the start of the season to review the Development Plan & Action List for 2018.



            EGAP : Budget confirmed in January of £320,000 for the entire Northern Region i.e Cheshire, Lancs, Cumbria, Yorks, Durham &   Northumbria.   Cheshire will   put forward 3 projects in the hope that one will be supported –     Cheadle Hulme Ladybridge , Port Sunlight ( both new pavilions ) and Marple

            ( new 2 lane nets). Each club would require a   “Business Case” focussing on          the benefits to             cricket including growth in participation supported by evidence      of “readiness” factors e.g planning permission, partnership funding and certainty of costs. Clubs should have their Development Plans up to date.

            Small Grants : The F.P.Panel will meet on 9th March at Heaton Sports Club        to consider all applications made prior to 23rd February. 48 Clubs had applied        with the total amount applied for being £140000. The CCB had an increased budget of £80k so demand exceeds supply.



            Clubmark : All 96 clubs were successfully signed off before 31/10/17      deadline using the on line Club Portal “My Club”. However some clubs left it late so to avoid a repeat Clubmark Clinics are being run in Wirral, Stockport,   C.C.B Northwich, Crewe and Warrington focussing on the benefits of        Clubmark, navigating around the online portal ( including Club Profile             Section) and the documents required. Key document for all clubs is the   Tracking Table.

            Cheshire is also hosting the Regional Clubmark Officer Training at            Warrington   on 18/03/2018.

            Natwest Cricket Force : 93 clubs have registered. Appleton C.C. have been         selected as a NWCF “Showcase Club” with ECB visiting with a film crew.

            Under19 T20 : Last season`s   successful tournament is to repeated in 2018            with 25 Clubs expressing interest . ECB looking to support the competition via     marketing and encouraging teams/players   to register on play-cricket . Use of     pink balls and coloured clothing ( if clubs so wish).

            All Stars : In 2017   Cheshire were 3rd highest nationally with   nearly 2000            children across 66 centres. ECB have set a target of 2800 for 2018. Winter       preparation includes 3 Roadshows attended by 70 plus clubs. Currently 85          programmes uploaded with 73 clubs signed up . Funding has been combined             with Chance to Shine meaning that DCOs are delivering school coaching   sessions to Key Stage One children providing further opportunities   to   promote the All Stars programme.

            Youth Formats : CYC hosted meeting in January attended by all reps from          junior leagues within Cheshire with the aim to introduce the ECB Youth    Cricket Pilot focussing on shorter pitch lengths at the younger age groups and    modified rules e.g less players & shorter boundaries. League officials             generally in favour of shorter pitches – 17 yards but felt that clubs would   struggle for volunteers if teams were reduced in playing   numbers whilst         creating more teams. Retaining older teenagers was also an issue particularly    at U15`s . The number of teams entering the Nat K.O Cup at Cheshire        Regional level had diminished.

            Online DBS : The process was now very simple – email from verifier to    applicant – applicant completes details on line then meets verifier to confirm        details – can be done within 7 days . no need to send certificates to ECB         anymore.

            Website : Thanks to David Sharp for his update of the website.

              It includes a page called “ Gareth`s Clubmark News”-   Group emails to all            clubs are held here and archived e.g the post on GDPR – new data protection    laws – thus ensuring clubs have access to the latest information and advice.



The application by Hawk Green C.C. to join the Cheshire Pyramid had been accepted. Marcus Fisher of Didsbury was again organising the Sunday Friendly Cricket Fixture Bank which can include clubs from outside the County boundary such as Stretford. He can be contacted : Mob : 07818 886653

E ;



C.W.C.C. :   Cheshire will again play T20 cricket in Div. 2 on a National and not a regional basis. The fixture list is :

June 10 v Durham & Wales at Ashton-on-Mersey

June 17 v Somerset & Hants                         Away

June 24 v Northants & Gloucestershire     Away

July     1 v Scotland & Berkshire at Chester Boughton Hall

      Black Sheets for sightscreen use by Cheshire teams have been purchased.

      C.W.C.L. : At the AGM in November, Marple, Upton and Nantwich were            elected to membership of the League and will play in Div 3.Appleton will also     field a 2nd XI in this Division. There have been no resignations ! The League    now has 19 teams which is the largest number of participating teams in the country. The ECB are to re-launch the NationalT20 K.O Cup and Didsbury &       Stockport Georgians have entered. Katie Bennett (Wistaston) had been       selected for the Lancashire Thunder Development Squad.



a.       Girls` Softball cricket : Plans in place to run 8 softball festivals for girls in U7, U9, U11 & U.13 age groups between April and July.

b.       Women`s Softball Cricket : The women`s indoor league has proved more popular then anticipated with 19 teams taking part across 4 locations. 12 teams relatively new to cricket and the I.L has allowed 180 females approx the chance to play a fun and social cricket during the winter months. The County is now tasked with running a min. of 20 festivals during 2018. Plans are currently taking place. In addition there will also be a softball league which will offer a more structured game than the Festivals.

c.        Lady Taverners 2018 : L.T. U13 & U15 local competitions are taking place with Finals on 5th March (U13`s) and 23rd March (U15`s)

d.       C.G.C.L : 4 teams will take place in the U15 hardball league, each playing 6 fixtures that will be recorded on Play-cricket. 10 teams have committed to playing in the new East U13`s softball league between April and July with Finals day on 22nd July. There are plans for a South/West competition involving 6 teams. A no. of U13`s teams have expressed an interest in playing hardball friendlies and there may be a U13 hardball league in 2019.

e.        Girl`s County Cricket in Cheshire : The County will field 4 teams at U11,U13, U15 & U17 with a new U11 team. They will play 8 matches and attend the Malvern Festival



The Cheshire Umpires & Scorers Association will now be known as the “Cheshire Association of Cricket Officials”.

At the AGM held on 5th February all officers were re-elected.

C.A.C.O attended the ECBACO Northern Region Workshop at Wakefield. There was discussion on how to attract more officials and encourage more people to get involved specifically to recruit more women umpires & scorers, more people of South Asian origin being an area in which participating numbers have increased. An initiative from North Devon ACO is “Cricketeens” which is to inspire young cricketers to become officials and to help retain young players who fall away from cricket after the age of 15.

All current Cheshire Umpires have attended seminars on the New Laws in various locations.

Inevitably as it was requested that no training took place until publication of the New Laws, participation numbers on training course for new umpires has fallen.

Training Courses :

Stage 1 at Oakmere C.C. on   3rd    & 10th February

Stage 3 at Toft C.C.          on 18th & 25th February

Stage 2 at Oakmere C.C. on   3rd      & 10th March

            Now that the C.C.L & Ukfast C.C.L have successfully merged, it was agreed         that the 3 Cheshire Associations of Umpires needed to move towards a merger in 2019.

            Regulations for Cup matches are now to follow the National K.O.Cup and decide rain affected games on Duckworth-Lewis. This change will also affect    scorers.


    1. Cheshire Cobras Visually Impaired C.C. : JL had met the Club several times to discuss plans for the 2018 and beyond. They have a no. of fixtures set up but still wish to hear from clubs who want to play them. They are also looking to start a new development centre to attract new players with Warrington being the hub for the first phase of this plan with a taster session held during the summer.
    2. Table Cricket : It has been a successful winter of T.C with lots of school sessions and competitions across the County. The T.C.County Finals were held at Orford Jubilee Hub on 31st January with 48 players taking part. 3 teams from the county finals have now been invited to the Regional Finals at Old Trafford to be held in March.

  A Table Cricket Activators Course has been run which gives the students the skills and confidence to support the delivery of t.c.sessions and competitions.

    1. Kwik Cricket : The D.C.O`s have been delivering K.C. in their schools throughout the winter.
    2. Cheshire County LD & PD Team : The team will continue to be coached by Chris Edwards and during the summer will train at Caldy C.C. The training will be an open invitation for secondary school students and adults with both physical and learning disabilities.



Despite Application Forms and reminders being sent to Clubs, the number of entries for this season`s competitions are down. The Draws would be made at the conclusion of this meeting.



  There had been no applications.



The C.A.G had been praised by Ian Mather-Brewster of I.O.G as being one of the best Groundmen`s Association in the country.

It had been agreed to formalise the role of the county Pitch Inspectors, Paul Agar and Nick James.

Two Open Meetings had been arranged : -

Monday 12th March – Meet The Pitch Inspectors and

Tuesday 20th March – A Cricket Pitch in Rwanda with Alex Vickers,

both at Hale Barns C.C. at 7.30 p.m.

The Spring Preparation Level 1 I.O.G course would be held at Warrington C.C

Min. no. 5 & max no. 12 at a cost of £20 to CAG members.



There was nothing relevant to report. The next C.C.B meeting would be held on Friday 11th May 2018 at Moss Farm, Northwich.



Further to the decision of Lee Dixon to stand down, Danny Leech of Oulton Park will captain the Club in the 3 day Unicorn   Counties   Championship   (Western Division) and Rick Moore of Chester Boughton Hall will lead the 50 Over K.O Trophy   and the revived T20 Competition. Fixtures have been published on the website :



There was no report


      19. CCCC WEBSITE

There had been no issues raised by Barry Bishop.



·          The County League will be using an improved Reader Special Imperial Crown ball following a successful trial last season. The League has placed a joint order with the Ukfast C.C.league

·          The C.C.C.L Newsletter compiled and edited by Mike Talbot-Butler for 43 years will cease after the Pre season edition in early April. It will be impossible to replace however it is anticipated that a Cheshire Clubs Newsletter will be published on a weekly basis for the forthcoming season

·          The General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect on 25th May 2018. It will increase the sanctions and fines that can be imposed for improper processing of personal data. ECB has worked with Data Protection lawyers to provide guidance to the new GDPR and have produced an Introductory Guide for County Boards and First Class Counties. A summary document each for leagues and clubs will be communicated in the coming weeks.


      21. NEXT MEETINGS : 2018

Executive   : Monday 14th May                 at 8.00.p.m. at Oulton Park C.C.

Executive   : Monday 23rd July             at 8.00 p.m. at Oulton Park C.C.

Executive   : Monday 24th September at 8.00 p.m. at Hale Barns C.C.


The Chairman thanked those in attendance and closed the meeting at

9.50 p.m.